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PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent shortage in staff the best way to contact administration is through email paw.office@verizon.net. We can be reached also at 540-722-0750 however email is optimal. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. 9/4-2018

Congratulations on seeking information about psychotherapy.  You have taken the first step that can lead to healing and growth.........to a new life that comes closer to your dreams and your potential.

At PAW, we are psychotherapy specialists.  Each of us is experienced and comfortable working with different approaches to therapy for a wide range of problems.  You can expect professionalism and caring in an informal environment. 

"Welcome To Our Old House"

You may have ideas about patterns of behavior or feelings that you want to alter.  One of us will be skilled in helping you focus on making prompt and lasting change.  You may have a sense that there is a need for change, yet feel confused about a specific direction or next steps.  Any of our therapists can provide a safe and trustworthy environment in which you can explore your life.  We can help you develop resources to re-cast past injuries into new skills and hope for the future.  

Let us be your guidance and supportive companions while you discover new ways to cope with life's challenges.  We will follow you through your journey to self enrichment and well-being.

Please call or email us today to for an individual, couples, or family therapy consultation. 

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Start your new path in life and be the change today!

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